# About me

I'm a driven software engineer and an open science / data / source enthusiast, living in Brighton, UK. I am originally from Coimbra, Portugal.

# Profile

I am a full-stack software engineer and tech lead who loves crafting software projects using open source. Besides programming I like experimenting with technology stacks (mostly backend, not as much frontend), mentoring and managing agile teams. I also do some devops work, mostly docker orchestration for development, deployment and continuous integration purposes.

I also try to make time for pet projects regularly for solving small daily problems and general experimenting and learning.

I strongly believe in working smarter, not harder. Check out my resume visualized .

# Online presence

I tweet twitter often and blog tumblr regularly;

I contribute to open source github from time to time;

I bookmark pinboard publicly a lot of technical stuff I find on the Web;

I try to make time for reading actual books goodreads, too.

I am linked linkedin with people, mostly Portuguese.

I also practise public speaking ocasionally. Here are my decks speakerdeck.

Feel free to contact me at this domain .